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3 Questions to Ask During a DUI Consultation

You were recently apprehended by law enforcement for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You may or may not have caused injuries to yourself or others, or you may have caused property damage. The circumstances may be clear or quite complicated. It is natural that you have a lot of questions. You need help figuring out how to make your next moves step by step. You need to talk to an experienced and professional DUI attorney in Marietta and Atlanta, GA as soon as possible. Here are a few important questions to consider asking a lawyer during your consultation:

1. How many DUI cases have you handled?

When interviewing different attorneys, you will want to know what kind of background and experience they have with criminal and civil law, especially when it comes to DUI charges. You can inquire about which law school he or she attended, if he took and passed the bar exam, what kind of cases he or she normally takes on as part of a caseload, and how recently he or she has defended a case similar to your own. It is vital to find a lawyer that can bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table.

2. What percentage of DUI cases have you won?

This information will help you know how successful an attorney has been when dealing with DUI cases in particular. You need a lawyer that knows how to navigate state and local laws regarding drug- or alcohol-impaired driving. Some lawyers consider a plea deal or settlement outside of court as a win. Make sure to ask about this. The attorney you choose should be ready to work hard to represent you well.

3. Do I have a good case?

Do not be afraid to tell your attorney everything you know about the incident. Bring any associated bills, paperwork, and/or police reports with you to share so that the attorney can get a clear picture of what you may be up against. This will also help the attorney build a defense on your behalf.

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