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Charged with a Crime? Questions You Should Ask an Attorney

If you've been charged with a crime, there are lots of ways you can incriminate yourself further if you proceed in the wrong way at the beginning. If you've been arrested or simply issued a serious citation, the best thing you can do is talk to an attorney before you speak to the police. Police can often help, but they can also be deceitful and even trick suspects if they believe that it will lead to a confession. Before you decide how to plead or what to do, consult with The Lopes Law Firm so that you have a chance to get a better deal or have the charges dropped altogether.

What's the Nature of Your Charge?

It's difficult for everyday people to understand the different tiers of crimes and how a judge or jury determines that a person is guilty. Every crime has criterion that help determine what kind of fines, jail time, or other consequences will follow. Criteria also tells what sorts of evidence needs to be present for a prosecutor to secure a conviction.

When you are deciding how to proceed and what kind of defense to build, talk to an attorney to get a better chance at a fair outcome.

Have Your Miranda Rights Been Violated?

When the police question you in any sort of formal matter about a crime, they are supposed to read you or inform you of your Miranda rights. These rights mean that you don't have to incriminate yourself or speak to the police without consulting an attorney. If you weren't informed of these rights, your attorney can start a process of contesting the validity of your answers to questions from law enforcement officers.

How Should You Proceed?

Figuring out your court dates and what you should or shouldn't do or how you should plead is very nerve wracking. With Attorney Lopes on your side, you can be sure that you are making the best decision that can get you a favorable outcome. Contact us for a consultation or give us a call today !