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Common Questions People Charged with Possession of Controlled Substances Ask

The moment that you've been handcuffed, read your rights, and charged with possession of a controlled substance, it's time to hire a drug crime lawyer in Sandy Springs. The Lopes Law Firm can help you understand the charges and what you can do to fight them. You may have lots of questions about your charges. Here are a few of the common questions that people have about these charges:

What Is a Controlled Substance?

A controlled substance is an illegal drug that is harmful to your health and welfare. Some of the drugs, such as marijuana, are legal in some states as long as they've been purchased from a pharmacy or dispensary. If you obtained the drugs or are using them illegally, you can be charged with possession of a controlled substance.

What Are the Penalties?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you could be fined somewhere between $50 and thousands of dollars. You could also end up serving time in prison or you could get probation. Some people may even have to attend diversion or rehabilitation programs to help them overcome an addiction to the drugs.

How Will It Affect My Record?

You could end up with a misdemeanor or felony depending on what drug you were caught in possession with and how much of the drug was found. If you get caught with methamphetamine or cocaine, you'll get a felony. If you get caught with marijuana, you will probably get a misdemeanor unless you have a large quantity of it. They may believe that you have intent to distribute or manufacture, which carries a more severe penalty than possession.

If you have any other questions about the charges or you want to start to plan your defense, contact a drug crime lawyer at The Lopes Law Firm. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you fight these charges to try to get you the best outcome possible.

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