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How An Attorney Can Help with White Collar Crimes

Posted by Thurston Lopes | Mar 01, 2018 | 0 Comments

White collar crimes can range from wire fraud to embezzlement to securities fraud or to the State of Georgia crimes of theft by receiving, conversion, or other charge of fraud or forgery.  No matter the charges presented in a white-collar crimes case, the right criminal defense lawyer at The Lopes Law Firm is here to help support you in whatever area whether you are an individual or business client that is at risk in the metro-Atlanta area. Here's how the right attorney can help.

Instance of White Collar Crime Accusation

Under difference circumstances, the need for an attorney would be irrelevant. If you or your business are seeking a criminal defense attorney for state or federal level offenses, then it means you've been suspected of falsifying information related to the movement and allocation of property, money, information, or information specifically relevant in enabling yourself or others to garner a profit more easily—such as insider trading, for instance. Fraud accusations have everything to do with inaccuracy or intentional misreporting in the financial state of an individual or business entity. In the event that you're facing charges, the right attorney can help.

Expertise and Specialization

seasoned criminal defense lawyer can assist you with a white collar crime if he or she has the education, experience and expertise in this particular branch of the law. From understanding statutes at the state and federal level, to how to frame evidence, the right attorney can offer the insight and knowledge to help you navigate America's complex financial institutions, with the law on your side.


Alongside the assurance of expertise in navigating the law in forming an effective fraud defense, Attorney Lopes offer the discretion that you, your company, or your associates require to see their case through. From protecting your personal information, to presenting your case to the press if necessary in a way that protects you as the client, the right attorney will provide professionalism and discretion as your case progresses.

Discover how The Lopes Law Firm can assist you in metro-Atlanta and Marietta in your white collar criminal defense case, whether the claims are related to embezzlement, wire fraud, or any number of claims in-between. Assembling the right criminal defense team is essential to seeing you or your business and it's associates past the difficulties related to such accusations. Call us!

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