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How Do You Know You Need a Civil Rights Attorney?

Civil rights have been a major focus in the United States since it was founded. Over the years, many acts have been passed to protect certain groups from discrimination and ensure that they receive the same opportunities as everyone else. If your rights have been violated, you should consider getting help from a civil rights attorney. 

How Do You Know if You Need an Attorney?

If you have found that any of your civil rights have been violated, you should meet with an attorney to see if they can help you. You should especially consider contacting an attorney if you have been discriminated against due to your race, gender, religion, or disability.

Common civil rights cases include the following:

  • Denied entry or service at a retail stores
  • False Accusation of Crime and Prosecution by private business and retail stores
  • False Arrest and Prosecution
  • Police Brutality
  • Unreasonable search and seizure
  • Discrimination in the workplace

What Can an Attorney Do for Me?

An attorney will ensure that you are treated properly, and that you are allowed to enjoy your basic rights, which include the following:

  • Equal access to property, goods, education and employment opportunities
  • The right to petition the government
  • Freedom of speech, religion, and assembly
  • The right to be free from violation of due process rights
  • The right to a workplace free of discrimination and harassment

Civil rights cases are often difficult to navigate because you need to have solid proof that discrimination took place. It is imperative that you have a skilled attorney on your side who will have the knowledge and tools to adequately win your case. Your attorney will let you know if your case is strong enough to pursue and what kind of timeline you can expect. Call The Lopes Law Firm at (404) 589-9000 or request a consultation.  We're here to help you.