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Important Things Your Criminal Attorney Should Know about You

Posted by Thurston Lopes | Apr 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Once you've hired a criminal attorney, there are things your attorney should know about you. Communication between you and your attorney is crucial, and good criminal attorneys in Atlanta and Marietta need to know every detail about your case to properly represent you. Here are some important things that your attorney will need to know about you to properly represent you and help you through this tough time.  

Each Case Is Different

Many people assume that their charges are so routine that there is little point telling their lawyer about the details of their case. It's important to remember that good criminal defense attorneys understand that every case is different, and the small details that differentiate your case from others can make all the difference between jail time and having the charges dismissed. Make sure you tell your criminal attorney about all the facts of your case. Don't be afraid to share details that you think are insignificant; trust your attorney to differentiate between irrelevant details and the items that can be used to help you in your case.

Your Background

Some of the most important details you should share with your attorney are about your background. Your attorney needs to know whether you have a criminal record. Although most people only get in trouble with the law once or twice in their lives, these charges can make a difference as to whether the state will try to enhance your current charges or seek a harsher punishment if you're sentenced by the court. Your attorney also needs to know whether you have any professional or special licensing for your employment or education, as these can be limited or revoked if you're found guilty of an offense. Finally, your attorney needs to know your immigration status. If you're not a full United States citizen, you may find yourself in a situation where you must win your case, and your attorney will need to know this.

What Really Happened

The attorney you hire should be someone you can be open with. They will need to know the honest details about what happened that resulted in a criminal charge. You shouldn't hold back any details about your case. If the government can prove that you committed the crime that you're charged with, your attorney needs to be aware, so we can help mitigate or reduce your sentence. If you're innocent, your attorney needs to know every detail as well to ensure you receive a fair trial and that the charges are dropped.

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