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Tips on Fighting Criminal Charges

Posted by Thurston Lopes | Oct 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

If you've been arrested on criminal charges, the natural reaction of many people is to lose their cool and start to panic over the future. Such a reaction is understandable, but it can also make it harder for you to form a successful defense if you say or do something that gives the prosecutor something to use against you in the future. If you find yourself arrested, don't become a victim of self-sabotage! The Lopes Law Firm is here to help you. 

Here are a few basic tips you can use to help yourself and help us fight on your behalf!

Don't Say More Than Absolutely Necessary

If you've been read your Miranda rights at any point (i.e., "you have the right to remain silent"), that's a major sign that you should stop talking immediately. Once you've moved from witness to officially becoming a suspect in the officer's mind, nothing you say or do in his or her presence is going to be of any use to you. But even if you haven't been officially arrested and read your rights, that doesn't mean that you should say much to the officer. You certainly don't want to be rude or give the officer a reason to dislike you, but you also don't want to keep talking when you don't have to say anything.

Remember, the more you say, the more likely you are to say something wrong. Even the best criminal defense attorney in Mariettaandthe metro-Atlanta areacan have a case undone by a comment the defendant made to the officer that was thought to be innocent but turns out to be critical. It's best to only speak to your attorney at the Lopes Law Firm

Keep Your Attorney Informed

We're proud to fight on your behalf, but we need all the information you've got to craft the best defense we can for you. If you noticed anything unusual, let us know! You might think it's meaningless, but there might be a case where a small mistake leads to a dismissed case. If the officer didn't follow protocol, you might be off the hook. But you'll only know if you let us know.

At the Lopes Law Firm, we want you to know that when you hire a criminal defense attorney, you're engaging in a partnership. We want to get the best outcome we can for you, and that happens only if we're working together. Keeping these tips in mind will help us give you the best defense we can! Need to understand your rights, request a consultation today or call The Lopes Law Firm at (404) 589-9000.

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