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When a DUI Attorney Can Help You

Posted by Thurston Lopes | Jul 17, 2017 | 1 Comment


If you face a DUI charge in Georgia, many factors can influence the extent of your legal penalties and your total financial burden. Whether an Atlanta police officer made a mistake in your arrest, or you intend to plead guilty in an Atlanta or Cobb County court, an attorney like The Lopes Law Firm, a DUI defense attorney in Atlanta and Marietta, can help mitigate your loses. dui charge marietta

Mistaken Charges

Even the most dedicated police officers make mistakes, but spotting these errors and presenting the evidence on your behalf in court requires a trained legal professional. Paying the flat rate of a criminal lawyer who specializes in DUI charges will ensure that these potential mistakes are not overlooked when your case comes to trial.

First-Hand Experience

Even when there is merit to charges filed against you, a DUI attorney can do a lot to help mitigate your eventual liabilities. Because defense attorneys have professional relationships and experience with local law enforcement, from police to judges and states' attorneys, they know exactly how far down charges like yours can be pleaded. A criminal defense attorney such as Thurston Lopes knows exactly how Atlanta and Marietta courts tend to look on, for example, first-time clients barely over the legal limit versus a client with multiple convictions. Self-representation simply cannot replicate the value of this experience.

Professional Negotiation

Attorneys who specialize in DUI charges tend to be highly experienced in that area and have a significant degree of negotiating training and savvy. This ranges from knowledge of local social factors to textbook legal negotiation tactics—which differ significantly from business negotiation tactics—allowing an attorney to know exactly where to find leverage in your case and how to use this to your advantage in court.

The flat rate that DUI attorneys charge ensures your access to these benefits, and especially, to the best defense possible. Given the significant costs associated with a DUI charge, that flat rate almost always significantly limits a client's liability, in ways that self-representation simply cannot match.

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