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Why You Shouldn't Negotiate with a DUI Attorney

Posted by Thurston Lopes | Jul 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

DUI charges can be technical, and mistakes in defense can be costly. Facing a DUI charge, you should aim to mount a professional defense because the fines and ramified costs to you because of these charges can be severe.  However, in our experience potential clients are concerned about the cost of a defense.  Local attorneys tend to charge flat fees for various types of DUI defenses.  If the flat fee seems high, potential clients may be tempted to negotiate the fee with the attorney, or they may distrust the attorney's motives in representation. Here are reasons why DUI attorneys structure their fees as they do, and why this structure has the client's best interests in mind. drunk driving charge in marietta

DUI Cases Are Expensive

Because the costs of a DUI conviction and defending DUI offenses are widely known locally, DUI attorneys tend to price their services as a percentage of those estimated costs. Therefore, even the best DUI attorney in Marietta and Atlanta will charge a flat fee that works out as a percentage of the average cost of DUI defense: Anything less than the local average is value-added for the client.

Legal Fees Are Comprehensive

DUI cases can be exceptionally complex. So while it can seem sensible to pay a la carte for the services you anticipate using, only professionals tend to have the expertise necessary to anticipate those services in advance. Facets of you case may arise during investigation and negotiation, but you must remain aware that negotiating in advance for fewer services can weaken the efficiency of your defense. In contrast, the flat fee entitles you to many aspects of a professional defense that you may not have considered: court representation, negotiation with prosecutors, professional evidence gathering, and presentation. But suppose you negotiate for a lower fee with fewer potential services. While your initial cost may be lower, but adding them to the attorney's caseload at a later time will significantly increase your costs.

DUI attorneys spend a great deal of time and effort to hone the skills necessary to mount successful defenses for their clients. The intricate nuances of DUI litigation make a flat fee structure smart for all parties, saving overhead for the attorneys and time and money for their clients.

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