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Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Criminal Case

Posted by Thurston Lopes | Jun 08, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you're unfortunate enough to find yourself charged in connection with a crime, you may well be involved in one of the most trying circumstances you'll ever face. If you're accused and arrested, the immediate actions you take can impact the remainder of your life. Criminal charges and convictions can alter your career trajectory, cause rifts with friends and family members, and result in severe punitive measures enforced by the state. No matter what criminal charges you're facing, it's important that you contact a criminal lawyer immediately to protect your rights and prepare your defense.

Criminal cases in metro-Atlanta and Marietta, GA are different in each county, and they aren't navigable by the average person. You'll need a skilled, experience attorney to help shepherd you through the process and defend you against the charges you're facing. It's important that if arrested, you avoid some of the most common mistakes that are made by the accused that can put the success of your criminal defense in jeopardy. Even the best criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta, may not be able to help you if you fall into these initial errors in judgment. Read on to learn more about a few of the common mistakes that you must avoid if you're facing criminal charges.

Mistake 1: Not Hiring a Lawyer

When you are charged with a crime, your first call shouldn't be to friends, family members, or the police. In fact, the first person you should talk to after being charged is your attorney. Whether you have a relationship with a lawyer before you are charged or not, it's important that you immediately find suitable counsel before answering any questions or talking to anyone about your case. In some criminal cases, the defendant may believe that hiring a lawyer is unwarranted. However, a skilled defense lawyer who has years of experience in both metro-Atlanta and Marietta, GA can provide you with your best chance of fair treatment in the courtroom and a successful defense of your case.

Mistake 2: Waiting to Hire a Lawyer

Another common mistake made by those facing criminal charges involves not immediately hiring a lawyer while operating under a belief that the charges may disappear. Whether you believe the case against you is fraudulent or the evidence will prove your innocence, there is no criminal law circumstance in which the accused should go without legal representation. The evidence may indeed be on your side and your innocence may eventually be proven. However, you still need to hire an attorney as soon as you are charged to offer counsel and act on your behalf to protect your rights and interests. Waiting until the trial date to hire an attorney is a big mistake, as the shortened timeline to prepare your defense could hamper your case.

Mistake 3: Talking Without a Lawyer Present

Many people are so shocked and intimidated at the prospect of arrest and subsequent criminal charges that they undermine their own cases by speaking prematurely. If you are arrested, you have the right to remain silent.  When you are armed with the knowledge that anything you say will be used against you, do not speak to police.  There is nothing to be gained by offering information without your attorney present, even if you are pressed by the arresting authorities. You don't have to answer questions or offer any information that is requested before speaking with an attorney. In fact, it is critical that you don't speak to anyone after your arrest. Instead, you should ask for your attorney and avoid answering any questions or offering any information until your attorney is on-site. That will help to ensure that you don't say anything incriminating and that no information you offer can be used against you in a trial.

If you find yourself charged with a crime, your first step should be to contact Attorney Thurston Lopes of The Lopes Law Firm and the legal representation you need.  Your best chance of a successful outcome to your case is hiring the best criminal attorney in metro-Atlanta and Marietta, GA to defend your rights. Call The Lopes Law Firm at (404) 589-9000 and get a case evaluation today, so don't wait.

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