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4 Advantages of Hiring a Drug Crime Lawyer

Posted by Thurston Lopes | Feb 10, 2019 | 0 Comments

Have you been charged with a drug-related crime? When you're facing charges for drug use, sales, or possession, you need the best criminal attorney in metro-Atlanta. The legal process isn't easy to understand and too many people attempt to represent themselves in these cases. While it's your right to do so, it's not recommended. People who don't have the best representation are more likely to face jail time, fines, and even property forfeiture. If you're in this situation, keep reading to learn more about how a drug crime lawyer can help you.

#1 – Protect Your Rights

The legal system gives defendants in all cases, drug-related or not, certain rights. These rights are what keep the legal system fair and protect people's right to a defense. Even though you're entitled to Constitutional Civil Rights, the legal system doesn't jump through hoops to make sure you understand this. Hiring a great criminal attorney in metro-Atlanta is the first and best step toward protecting you.  In the area of drug arrests, Attorney Lopes has substantial experience and can identify that several drugs arrests are the product of the following:

  • A traffic stop for an alleged traffic offense;
  • The product of racial profiling;
  • An overzealous officer entering a home without a warrant; or
  • Other methods bad actors use to fabricate a false right to search a person, vehicle, or other area.

The Lopes Law Firm fights hard to assure the government does not infringe upon your civil rights, and Attorney Lopes has been very successful in keeping out evidence of drugs from the government's prosecution by filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence.

#2 – Avoid Employer Discrimination

When you're charged with a drug crime, the legal process takes time. It doesn't go as quickly as it does on television, but it's still a dramatic process. Often, people face discrimination from their employers when facing these charges and are treated adversely by the non-legal community.  Attorney Lopes goes the extra mile to help our clients maneuver potential civil problems that occur as the result of the drug charge.

#3 – Explain Conditions of Plea Deals

Good criminal defense lawyers don't just accept a plea deal unless there is absolutely no choice.  The Lopes Law Firm fights for your rights, and if we can successfully keep out evidence as a result of the government violating your rights, the case will be dismissed.  Accordingly, such a threat to the government's case generally forces the prosecution to give our clients the best plea deal. 

Whether a client accepts the deal is his or her choice.  However, Attorney Lopes understands the ramifications of accepting a plea deal. While your criminal attorney in Atlanta or Marietta, GA can't force or forbid you from taking the plea deal, and they should guide you through the process. Having an experienced attorney by your side during this time helps you understand the consequences of taking a plea deal or going forward with a Motion to Suppress Evidence or taking your case to trial.

Some people decide to take a plea deal because they don't want to put themselves or their families through the stress and expense of a trial. However, what many defendants don't realize is how accepting a plea deal, no matter how attractive it might be, can affect their future. Depending on the terms of the deal, it could affect your freedom, your ability to earn money and provide for your family, and your long-term financial situation.  An experienced attorney to guide you makes all the difference.

#4 – Preparation for Possible Jail Time

If you're facing mandatory jail time for the crime you're charged with, your attorney will work with you to prepare for this consequence. Criminal defense attorneys work with their clients to help them find legal ways for their family to maintain property that might be seized after incarceration. Most people convicted of drug-related crimes don't understand how much their family will be affected by incarceration. Your attorney will guide you as you move along this path to help make the transition for all involved as easy as possible.  

Drug crime lawyers don't just look out for their clients' legal interests. The best ones are also concerned about their clients' long-term mental and physical health. The majority of people charged with drug crimes aren't hardened criminals, but have substance abuse problems. Great drug crime lawyers help their clients find treatment programs and advocate for their recovery.

If you have been charged with a drug crime and need a criminal defense attorney in metro-Atlanta or Marietta, GA, contact The Lopes Law Firm.  Attorney Lopes would be happy to discuss your individual case and plan your defense.

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